Nokia N8 – Unique Gadget for New Age People

140Nokia N8 is a recently launched mobile phone that is enticing the young generation towards it because of its eye-catching looks and superb features.

Terrific at Looks

Nokia N8 looks appealing in many color options. It has got anodized aluminum casing that is 135 grams heavy and has 113.5 x 59.1 x 12.9 mm measurement. Furthermore, there is a highly impressive 3.5 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen powered by scratch resistant Gorilla glass display, multi-touch input method, proximity sensor for auto turn-off and accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate. This smartphone is able to show fine quality 360 x 640 pixels objects with the power of 16 million colors on its wonderful screen.

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The Lowdown on the Brand New BlackBerry Torch 9860

139When the first smartphones hit the stores in the early 2000, many were doubtful about its usefulness and its role in the mobile gadget industry. But as more and more people found it useful, these smartphones continued to evolve to become one of, if not the most useful gadget in the world today. Now, if you want to own one of the latest and most useful smartphones at present, perhaps you might want to get the BlackBerry Torch 9860. This is Research In Motion’s latest offering to all the gadget lovers and tech-savvy users worldwide, and from the looks of it, the 9860 won’t disappoint. If you want to learn more about the BlackBerry Torch 9860, just read through this article and find out.

Redefining the Mobile Experience

One of the things that you can expect with the BlackBerry 9860 is a new touchscreen experience. It boasts of a 3.7-inch All-touch screen, which is currently the largest screen on a BlackBerry smartphone. It is roughly similar to the screen size of most high-end phones in the market today, so you can say that this gadget is really on par with the heavyweights in the industry, and it won’t back down without a fight.

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Settle for The Best: Why Carton Damaged Smartphones Are a Smart Choice

138Carton damaged smartphones are brand new, unused devices with signs of wear and tear in their external packaging.

Many a times, we are not happy with the device we purchase and end up returning it to the retailer. They have a broken seal and hence can’t be sold as new. They are, therefore sold under the moniker of carton damaged products at slashed prices. If you are falling short of cash in order to make that coveted purchase of the phone you love, this variant of gadgets can make things good for you.

A huge discount at the selling price might sound to be too good to be true. Many customers refrain from putting their money into anything but “brand-new” gadgets. But it is to be understood that these mobiles are original devices with an assured warranty selling at low prices, just because their original packaging is somewhat damaged.

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LG KF750 Secret – Get Noticed With This Smartphone

137This stunning gadget has been attractively wrapped in vivacious colours measuring 102.8 x 50.8 x 11.8 mm. With a width of 11.8 mm, it is really slim and preferred by many consumers for its sleek look. Weighing just 116 grams, its is very light weight and can be easily carried anywhere. It has been fitted with a TFT touchscreen measuring 2.4 inches, which is made up of a tempered glass that makes it very strong and durable. The display of the KF750 Secret is scratch proof which makes it very useful for the users, who find their phone mostly falling from their pockets. The screen is capable of displaying 256 thousands colors that gives very sharp and crisp pictures at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The display has been equipped with an Accelerometer sensor and auto-rotate feature which gives the user a perfect view and save battery power . The performance of the gadget has been enhanced with a touch-sensitive navigation panel that enables the user with easy navigation through the keys. There is a fully rechargeable Lithium ion battery that supports a backup of up to 260 hours of standby time and 4 hours of talktime, which is enough for a day’s work.

The magnificent LG KF750 Secret comes with a 5 mega pixel camera that can be used to click good quality pictures with the help of inbuilt features such as autofocus, LED flash and Face detection. This handy device can be used as an efficient alternative of the expensive digital cameras. Apart from taking still pictures it can also be used for capturing videos in both slow motion and fast motion of 120 fps. There is a secondary camera that supports video calling. Though, this facility needs approval from the network and a video calling enabled handset with the second user. It has been integrated with 100 MB internal memory that can be used to store huge data along with 1000 entries and Photo call in the Phonebook.

Though, a micro SD card slot has been provided for those who want more storage space. The stored documents can be viewed with its document viewer supporting Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF formats. In addition to all these hi-tech features offered by this gadget, one can also use it for browsing the internet with 3G HSDPA at a high speed of 3.6 Mbps. Other connectivity options available with the device includes GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB that facilitates data transfer between other electronic gadgets enabled with the same technology. One can use the messaging service such as SMS, EMS, MMS, Email for sending messages. With Google mobile service pack the users can enjoy Google services like Google mail, Google search, Blog, YouTube upload and Google map on their phone.

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5 Must-Have Gadgets to Speed Up Courier Jobs

136Do you find yourself constantly scrambling trying to keep pace with the demands of courier jobs piling up left and right? Find out how to survive and thrive in the courier fast lane.

When it comes to speeding up deliveries and meeting deadlines on various courier jobs, technology can be your most powerful ally. All delivery drivers should be fully equipped with useful gadgets to enhance efficiency. In fact, instead of contemplating hiring additional manpower, you may just need to upgrade and invest in certain gadgets that help get the job done right and on time.

Here are the top five indispensable gadgets every professional driver should have on hand to carry out courier jobs on time, all the time.

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