Feng Shui Products – Wind Chimes

Most people often ask me ways that can help them boost the good energy in their living space. Nowadays people feel a bit low and slow so here I would recommend something that can be beneficial for such people because the boost in energy of the environment can in turn boost the energy of those who are living there. Majority of the people instantly think about crystal for boosting environmental energy, I also think they can be the best enhancers, but choices are not limited to crystals there are many other options that can be used for this purpose. This piece of information is all about using of wind chimes for enhancing energy in Feng Shui. Moreover, we will share some tips about how and where to use them in your living space.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Due to the sound and movement provided by wind chimes these are considered great for boosting Yang energy. Use it in spaces where the boost in energy is needed in your living space or you can also use it if you are feeling low for stimulating the surrounding energy. Find out where to buy feng shui products at low prices here. As wide variety of options are available so when you plan to purchase any Feng Shui enhancement objects for your living space then choose the design that is appealing. In addition to the appearance other essential factors that need to be considered include are its shape, size and the material of which it is made up of, also the sound made.


Firstly we will focus on the shape and size. When it comes to shape and sizes the wind chimes are offered in wide variety. In Feng Shui cure, it must have 5 suspended tubes attached to a circular disc and every single tube actually symbolizes one of the 5 elements, is vital especially of your purpose is to attract balanced and positive energy in your living environment. So next time when you purchase a wind chime then look for the one with 5 tubes, also choose the size according to your place. For lawn or garden you can purchase a large one, while for small space choose a smaller wind chime. Keep in mind that the purpose of wind chime is for boosting the energy of your environment so it should not dominate the space where it will be hung.

The next factor is the material of your wind chime that solely depends on whether you will be hanging it inside or outside the home in order to enhance the energy in a particular segment of your life. For instance if your family relations or your finances need improvement then the best enhancer is a wooden wind chime and place it in the eastern, south eastern or southern direction of your home. Adding metal wind chimes are great are best for promoting energy in children but place it in the western and north western sides.  Placing stone or ceramic wind chimes in the north eastern or south western or north eastern sides are good for love and for studies.  If you want sparkling career then choose a crystal or glass wind chime simply place it in the north side of the home.


In the end, we would like to talk about the sound of a wind chime. There are individuals who think that a wind chime that we hang inside may not have same effect because the sound is not same like the one that they hang outside. Actually there is a remedy for it i.e. you can run the fingers across the tubes whenever you are passing from that place. By doing this you can boost the effects that are good for enhancing also it is good for concentrating on the improvement ad good changes that you actually want to bring in your life.